Step Study Suggestions

These materials are provided as a resource for sponsors. They are not AA approved documents, though they are based on the text of the Big Book. Please seek the counsel of your sponsor as to what supporting material you should use. These documents are not intended to be used by individuals who are not working with a Big Book Step Study sponsor.

Following are instructions from various sponsors. They are similar but the wording and examples are different.

All files are downloadable as PDF. Please click on the title to download.

Step 4 Resentments – Making the List

Step 4 Resentments – Names

Step 4 Resentments – Affects

Step 4 Resentments – Cause and Effect

Step 4 Resentments – Turn Arounds Version 1

Step 4 Resentments – Turn Arounds

Step 4 Part 1: Resentments Worksheet

Step 4 Part 1: Resentments

Step 4 Wife Inventory

Step 4 Husband Inventory

Step 4 Part 2: Fears Worksheet

Step 4 Part 3: Sex Conduct Worksheet

Steps 8 and 9 Worksheet

Step 11 – Twelve Questions

Step 11 Worksheet – Portrait

Step 11 Worksheet – Landscape